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  • Eduard Gamer·

    Best decision we made as a family, our kids are getting the best education and care. Their growth is visible day to day and the excitement they have of explaining their achievements to us is unexplainable

  • Sasha Merlin·

    The best school ever . My older daughter loves it and often doesn’t want to go home ! She loves all stuff and they all really love her in return . My younger daughter just did an assignment to go to Kindergarten! Highly recommend this school to everyone. Your kids will be happy !! What is more important than this?

  • Steve Kashulsky·

    Well-prepared and planned PTC. All teachers i had met are highly professional, well-articulated and able to provide a constructive reflection on Brian's performance. Extremely happy to be a part of LEA. Thank you all.

  • Leo·

    We are very happy with our sons progression in LAE. His teacher/co-teacher are excellent and you can tell they work hard to give our children the best education. There are some things Leo needs work on and also some things he’s excelled in. I value the communication Leo’s teachers have with me and very grateful for all the hard work Leo’s teacher and the whole school staff puts in to provide the best for our children. Overall, we are very satisfied with Learn and Explore Academy.

  • Marina Kamenetskiy·

    Our son attended L&E for his 3K Program and we loved it, would definitely recommend if you are considering sending your little one. His teachers were angels who loved him so much and treated him like family. I noticed that in the short time he attended (we unfortunately moved away after 6 months) he became a little scholar. His previous daycare was more of a nursery, but L&E followed an age appropriate curriculum and offered more structure. He loves to learn and ask questions and this was a great environment to foster that curiosity. If you’re on the fence, don’t be! =)

  • Sabina Oletsky·

    I enjoyed speaking with the teacher's about my son's progress. I was very happy to hear positive things. They also told us some of the areas that we need to work with Michael on. All of the teachers in your school are very professional and show care toward their students.

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